The Goose and the Swan

By: Anne Louise DePalo


Meet Sampson the Swan. Sampson and his friends live in a quiet kingdom on a magical lake. Get ready to have fun while accompanying Sampson on his adventures.

In The Goose and the Swan, Sampson meets Goosey Lucy and she takes Sampson on the journey of a lifetime.

Sampson learns an important lesson about friendship and courage. He and the lake will never be the same again.

Also available The Cat Who Could Swim; the second book about Sampson the Swan. Sampson meets Samantha the Cat and learns what it means to be a true friend.








Other Work


The Cat Who Could Swim

By: Anne-Louise DePalo



Another fun and exciting story about Sampson who meets his good friend Samantha the Cat and learns the true meaning of friendship. Also available The Goose and the Swan - the first book about Sampson the Swan and his adventures.